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Classic Wine Country California Wedding – Catherine and Bob

Mar 20, 2018

Where do we start with Catherine and Bob? Their wedding was a whirlwind of fun and love and joy and excitement; it’s taken us a few days to sit down and compose my thoughts on everything that happened. There were so many incredible moments it was genuinely tough to pick any one thing to discuss like we typically do.

It would have been enough to highlight Bob’s vows to Catherine, where he promised (and now is cemented in writing), among other wonderful things, to buy her any adorable farm animal she could want. It would have been enough to talk about the look on Chris (the officiant, and Catherine’s brother) and Bob’s face when Bob’s best man Ryan dropped the rings very near some open grouting. Bob’s genuine wide-eyed look and the gasp of the crowd convinced everyone that it had to be choreographed, but it was quite real. Of course, everyone had a good laugh about it, because that’s the kind of couple that Bob and Catherine are. Constantly laughing, and sharing their love and joy with everyone around them.

It also would have been enough to highlight the double-freaking-rainbow that presented itself during the cocktail hour of their St. Patricks Day wedding. You could see the end of both sides! You cannot make this stuff up! Their wedding was truly chock-full of little moments just as monumental as a double rainbow. It’s rare to be a part of a wedding where it felt like everyone genuinely loved the bride and groom as much as they loved one another. From the best man Ryan’s tear-jerker of a speech (saying the best thing that he ever did was to be Bob’s best friend), to the wedding party constantly complaining that they couldn’t just all get married, it was clear that love was in the air for everyone. But all those things came together to create one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever had the privilege to participate in.

To Catherine and Bob: Words won’t fully express what your wedding meant to us. The cherry on top of the whole day was getting to spend so much time with family who don’t often get to celebrate together! Your wedding was moving, energizing, and made us leave feeling like better people. Not only are you the world’s most gracious hosts, but you are two wonderful, incredible people. We are so lucky call you family and to have you in our lives.



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The exact moment the ring dropped! 

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